What is PSTN?

What is PSTN?

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) refers to the international telephone system that uses copper wires to carry analog voice data. It consists of a collection of individual telephones that are hardwired to a public exchange.

The Public Switched Telephone Network was formerly known simply as the public telephone network.

The original concept was that the telephone exchanges are arranged so that if a call cannot be handled in a local cluster, it is passed to one higher up for onward routing. This reduced the number of connecting trunks required between operators over long distances and also kept local traffic separate.

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We can put in line with the best solutions for business, ones that are tailor fit for your needs. Our experience in the industry is all-inclusive, covering all areas in PSTN, ISDN, legacy networks, current DSL coverage and NBN.

Our special concern is that you shouldn’t spend more than you have to. Nor get scared or stampeded into buying new business phone systems or phone plans that are “NBN ready” or “NBN compliant”. We’ll advise you not to get too affected by the rhetoric.

Solutions, thankfully, are not hard to find. With us, you not only find this easy, you get to be our partner in telecommunications. Thus you have instant access to further and intensive care for your phones and related issues in business.

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