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Bernie Roach

The principal and business owner Mr Bernard Roach has been in the industry for more than 30 years, and has previously worked for Telstra, BHP IT as a Senior Communications Analyst, Datacraft/Comtech as the country voice/data integration specialist to small, medium & large enterprises as well as several other private companies.

His previous jobs have provided him an extensive technical knowledge of voice and data communications including voice/data integration systems, IP telephony, data networking and phone systems.

This is combined with a strong understanding of LAN (routers, servers, management) and WAN systems, particularly in multi-vendor/multi-protocol environments.

He is also well-versed in technical and commercial aspects of Mediation, Rating and Billing for IP services (VoIP, MPLS, Internet, etc) and mobile/legacy voice communication.

This already awe-inspiring skill set is significantly complemented by an ability to assess requirements from a business perspective and to design solutions that comprehensively meet operational and budgetary needs. An entrepreneurial focus has seen him manage his own businesses. Knowing how challenges in the current commercial environment work from first-hand experience, Bernie’s enthusiasm and dedication is for providing cost-effective solutions to Small to Medium Enterprises in particular.

Finding A New Phone System That Works for YOU

Finding a reliable phone system these days is made worse by all the conflicting sales pitches by telco sales reps telling you why their phone system is better than everyone else’s. For Candour Communications, though, it's about honesty and fairness when offering a phone system solution. We are not about pushing particular products for the sake of selling those products. We tailor solutions to your needs.

Excellent product

We extensively test each product we serve our customers with for quality, strength, performance, and all other requirements.

Solid provisioning processes

We make sure your system, data, tech and enterprise information resources are fully addressed by chosen manufacturers/providers.

Unsurpassable support

Our technical expertise enables us to pick out the best equipped telecom infrastructure and support near you.


Why Candour Communications?

There is a myriad of offers for or about telecom solutions available and in contrast, very little guidance on technical aspects of telco services. Almost everyone finds it hard to sift through the information to find correct and cost-effective solutions. This is where we come in. We are your trusted advisor and partner in all things related to business telecom. We're called Candour Communications for a reason. 'Candour' means frankness - the quality of being open and honest; it also relates to impartiality and fairness. We are true to the meaning of our name.
Candour Communications is committed to honesty and fairness in providing telecommunications solutions. The best reason why you would want our services is about finding the right solutions for your business at the most cost-effective price. We work independently of exclusive affiliation to the vendor or provider. That means we can access the widest possible range of solutions. This capability works for your current and future needs. Furthermore, we ensure you get all these by working closely with you long after your initial purchase.

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