Work from Home Using Hosted PBX: turn a cosy spot into a home office connected to your business phone system

Working from home is entirely workable with an up to date business phone system based on Hosted PBX. This can cost as little as $55 per month. Yes, you read it right, and this is a thing you can avail only from select telecom companies.

Connectivity when it comes to VoIP and internet business resources have “techie” written all over them. The way its seen is usually daunting to businessmen themselves. However, there are several levels of use, of combining various resources which can actually help the budget.

You can earn more and save more, especially if you have a low cost internet connection. Now, finding this may not be so easy when you actually start looking, not with so many add-ons that ISPs and telcos give you. But low cost connectivity is a thing that is essential to any home-based work.

More and more people are turning into homebound professionals. Most relate good to better results, because they have better flexibility when it comes to practical work. Management also gets lower overhead in terms of maintaining a fully-equipped office to support staff members.

Why Hosted PBX is Ideally Suited for Successful Home-Based Jobs​

Hosted PBX or cloud-based PBX is a flexible system that guarantees connection even when job locations are scattered. This is because the host, which is the service provider, has a centralised, off-site system working for clients. This system provides:

    1. A stable and reliable internet service – as mentioned above, this is an essential, especially if affordable. All your features and call platforms are “hosted” at the service provider location. A strong, reliable service should give you good quality in video calls, social media messaging, and the like.

    1. A way to take good advantage of your unified phone network – integrated communications is key to make every communications device work together in a system. Hosted PBX enables your office to run a unified network by sharing the exact same network. Thus everyone that needs to be in the loop can stay informed. Every individual team member works on the same page all the time.

    1. Can make customised or tailored phone systems work better – you can add on functions and gadgets as you need or want. You can mix and match brands with good hosted PBX services, without the long term or locked up contracts. Plus, these services have built in lower rates, usually flat fees for local, national or international calls.

  1. The innovative uses of computing devises integrated enables you and your company to have best practise. You can do this even with many off-site or remote locations when it comes to call management and using business numbers.

Telecommuting from Home Often Leads to Better Productivity​

First off, working out of a home office means less stress for certain employees, and this fact is based on published studies. Usually it involves a business phone system, and thus most jobs done from home are classed as telecommuting jobs. Telecommuting from home is preferred work for connected individuals because they get more out their time.

The work hours here are flexible, and these will lead to better productivity. Professionals who are used to an office will find the freedom liberating. This freedom enables them to creatively use the ideal personal work ethic they have developed.

The main reasons why people work at home are related to more urgent or business-related concerns. (But many prefer the option after tasting its freedom.) Most produce quality work in their personal spaces. Their reasons, based on statistical studies, include:

    1. They can be single or working young parents.

    1. They live farther from their offices, most needing an hour or more to commute to work.

  1. Their business is friendlier or more workable with remote settings.

With regards to connectivity, there are several issues remote, home-based professionals will contend with, given settings in Australia. These settings include add on spending.

Things Do Work if You Remove Add On Spending on Telco or ISP Services and Business Phones

So many ISP or telco services come in package deals. These will typically itemise a mix of essential and non-essential options. Mostly, these packages are based on what companies think consumers want or should have. Cutting out non-essentials might be somewhat confusing for some consumers.

Established companies in this field may have their own motives when it comes to add ons. We shall not discuss those in this article. We will only mention in passing that the motives for some companies offering more add ons are based on survival, and for others, maximum profitability.

Add ons are part of most deals, and these include spending on technicians. These, for companies employing them, could be part of an installation or maintenance and repair process. However, there are deals out there where technician fees are not included. These should be the ones your company should be looking out for.

These deals mostly processes where everything is taken care of by one-off fees. Cut out a good fraction of the $300 or so average for technician fees from one-off prices, and you get an idea about how such deals save money. Actually, companies providing these deals cover all the essentials, and these should work for any remote professional need.

With NBN already available, hosted PBX can be as powerful, fast and reliable both for offices and homes working in combination as work settings.

Your Best Hosted PBX Option is Easily Accessible and Affordable

Candour Communications is the most trusted business phone system provider in the country today. And one thing that has earned or generated the trust includes such products as our hosted PBX system. You can have it for as low as $55 a month. Where pricing is concerned, part of our commitment is to provide the quality products with affordability.

With all the choices available, we stand firm in our passion to provide the best telco devices and services to the Australian consumer. What this means for your business is real support in communications as you need it, when you need it. The claim for being the best may be contested, but you would be hard put to find better options than the ones we can give you.

In any case, we have decided from the start to go our own way with regards to our passion and commitment. We are not affected by established telco systems or networks, but we can connect all telecom devices and systems, old and new. That is something that should help you make a great decision for your business.

You can call us up today, to get more details about hosted PBX, and a quality menu of telecom products, internet and business services like VoIP.

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