Top 5 Qualities of Modern Telephone Solutions

Qualities of modern telephone systems are being defined by new age qualities. These qualities taken together provide any given phone system an all-inclusive range. The qualities include: 

  1. The ability to choose or create a specialised solution to your unique business needs.
  2. Being able to incorporate, connect to or work with technology, whether traditional, current or advanced.
  3. Connect to the Internet. 
  4. Have high-end functions and compatible tools you can acquire to improve message delivery and quality. 
  5. Future-proofed for modern business.

How Do These 5 Qualities Form That One All-In Quality of Business Telephone Solution?

Enumerate all the qualities of modern telephone systems for business and these can dovetail to one single quality. This quality is possible with tech, like so many things available in the products or services markets today. It, the quality,  is all-inclusive, incorporating a virtual host of purposes, tasks and functions for your business.

This total quality is something that is present on all leading products in the field. Typically, it will enable you to have the mentioned five qualities, which are themselves exceptional. Brands and distributors marketing units with the all-in quality are the most competitive in telecom markets. 

Specialised Phone Solutions

This section divides the haves and the have-nots in the industry. To explain, there are companies in telecom that can provide everything for its consumers. Many others are have-nots. Meaning they don’t have anything that isn’t priced (“elegantly” shall we say) as a product or service for customers. 

For businesses, fair price is still what it is, a measure of trustworthiness and care for consumers. An example? Well, consider how some telcos are driving hard at campaigns for selling brand new phone systems for NBN readiness. Furthermore, they do it even when they can advise not to buy new ones and provide other solutions.

Trustworthy names in the trade of telephone solutions for business often use resources to provide consumers more with less. Thus, given the above example, your system at hand can be added to or revamped to meet changing demands. For instance, those who have old phones can be provided with cheap ATA adapters for NBN readiness.

Good news is that the reliable companies in the field can provide any kind of solution for telecom consumers today. This even for those who have old phone networks running through cabled copper wires. 

How Business Phones on the Tech Stream Work

Tech paved the way for some of the most high-flying science fiction ideas in phone communications to become reality. Some ideas only took a few years to full realisation. And with real affordability, too. The best tech qualities for any business phone network include:

  1. Integrated Communications – call, chat, connect, email, fax, get notified, send documents, or communicate in any way through integrated communications tools.
  2. Mobile – the tech here is on a steep, upward-moving improvement curve. Businesses can often be judged according to how they handle or provide their mobile phone platforms and gadgets for mobile users.
  3. Automation, call routing, CRM software and other features – service or product peripherals maximise your phone system use. 
  4. Admin portal – a most important feature for businesses, this allows you to monitor calls, to do analytics on the monitoring. 
  5. Conference feature – this is both an inter-office and business lifeline. 

For older phone systems, what are called legacy networks, there will be some compatibility, network or connectivity problems. However, cables, jacks and software can address these. 

The Internet and What it Gives Your Phones

There are still some disadvantages and awkward moments to VoIP and Hosted PBX systems. These run through the internet, which can lower voice quality, reception, speed, etc. However, even as this article is being written, more solutions to these disadvantages are being made available. 

No one will deny the power of the internet and what this gives communications. The connectivity will cut down on cost, add to call volume and audience reach. Eventually it will be speedier on average, while the fastest call connections on the internet can be enhanced by services providers and software.

Also, the connectivity can mean you can sync and integrate hardware and computers into a network that is truly scalable. No matter the distance, no matter the time, this connection means being able to patch through to any staff member, branch, business or client. That means you can further add to efficiency by setting up a 24/7 office, and you don’t need too many personnel to handle this.

Why High-end Functionality for Phones is Always a Wise Choice Now

In terms of functionality, the most popular phone brands often offer enough choices for you. What people are searching for are high-end phone functions. These do not mean more expense or expensive products. What these functions are will often drive businesses.

These functions are so-called high-end because of advanced technology features, no more, no less. This does not necessarily mean more expense or cost. In fact, many tech features help save on costs for business phones. 

Thus, any product being marketed that do not offer these functions may be ignored. For both users and manufacturers, the wisest choice is to choose to put in or have as many of these functions as possible. The tech is there to be used, and everyone wants to innovate because they can. These functions are linked to progressive technology for the Fourth Industrial revolution that is driven by AI.

Are Business Phones as Important Today as Before?

Some consider it an arguable point, but many believe in the power of businesses driven by phones. The rise of modern business was powered by telephone networks. With this in mind, it is no wonder many in America fondly call AT&T “Ma Bell.”

For this corporate giant, anything that rings, whistles or produces sound through audio equipment can be business communications. A basic thing, shall we say? It is because Scotch-American Alexander Graham Bell’s wondrous precepts of scientific discovery runs through his invention. And this invention is a primary basis of corporate business success in the modern world. 

Cut to a reasonably recent invention for telecom like softphones. You can be sure Ma Bell has a line on these. In Graham Bell’s philosophy, the new thing is the grail. Furthermore, anything new should not only help science but also the public, including consumers. In fact, he invented the telephone through his primary work helping people with hearing problems. His creative intent was to improve and advance human communications in general.  

The softphone is a transitional system.

Therefore, the evolution of phones for business can be rightly seen as true to the spirit of the original invention. Softphones are great for business, and this has helped maintain the telephone’s lead as a driver for business. However, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Bridging the Tech Gap on Your Business Phone System

Softphones can be run together with other things, mostly communications processes and platforms. It is a transitional gadget that is truly a phone and truly an online resource. Both these qualities bridge the gap for telecom networks or services providers and phone companies. There are of course other alternatives for bridging the tech gap. 

The alternatives include providers that have flexible, tailored solutions for delivering qualities of modern telephone systems. This is where Candour Communications can come in for any business in Australia. Our expertise will view the gap for customers, the better to come up with solutions for them.

It takes real or dedicated expertise to see where these gaps are found and how they affect your business productivity. Ultimately, this will lead to solutions, which, for Candour, means fair and affordable ones. These solutions also follow client preference and need, which often make it complicated for bigger telcos to address the tech gap.

Candour was created based on the ability to really provide smaller businesses qualities of modern telephone systems they need. Our size matters here, because smaller operations focused on individual customer needs means a reliable means of closing the tech gap for customers.

“Don’t Hang Up on Me, I Have an Important Thing to Say”

All successful business calls are not necessarily made by the latest equipment or tech. In this sense, you need to have more, like great customer service reps. The latter is a human factor, the other is tech. Both must come together to make your business communications work.

Candour Communications is essentially concerned about leveling up the quality of business communications for small to medium businesses. Smaller businesses often have a not-unfounded fear of being hung up on. We are trying to change this perspective into, “You can call me at any convenient time and I will be ready to talk.”

This basically is about technology upgrades or transfers that do not cost too much or are too inconvenient. We not only know our tech, we know the lay of the land. The connection between both tech and culture is an important one. Our operations therefore include customer care that should banish the fear of anything regarding phone systems for smaller businessmen.

While we cannot prevent any caller from hanging up on our clients, good equipment and the regular care and maintenance to go with it is already a great confidence booster. Talk to us for the best phone system solutions tailor-fit to your budget and specifications. Visit our site ( or call us directly on 1300 651 350. 

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