Softphones and Why Your Business Phone System Should Have Them

Softphones are part of the business phone system of the future. Not too long ago, people expected their computers to include phone functions, without using any telecom devise. That was an expectation that had good basis in fact.

Today, software turns your computer into a fully functional phone. This would be stronger, faster and more useful than traditional phones. It is called a softphone because it runs on software and calls are made via a data network (i.e. the internet). And, as you know how this enables more functions, speed and flexibility.

Without Googling its details,  imagine a phone interface which you manipulate through keyboard, keypad or mouse. It works across all computing devices and phone systems. You can use it on desktops, laptops, mobile, tablets and even web versions that are accessible through your browser.

How Softphones are Used Today


The internet is closely allied to voice telecoms, and it didn’t take long for phone software applications to become an important business tool. Business process outsourcing can benefit from this and can either integrate with inhouse VOiP systems or operate with a cloud based system. 

With the softphone installed and with connectivity to the internet, the remote worker can make and receive calls as if in the office. Outbound calls show or display the business’s phone number to the remote party, not the individual’s mobile number. Calling from any location is easy: from the home kitchen to a coffee shop. 

Office workers simply need to connect a headset to their laptop or PC to use the business telephone system. The solution is perfect for offices that have a hot-desking arrangement for its staff. Some staff may prefer to retain a physical desk handset and this is fine. But the softphones and physical handsets can work across the same system.

Calls are the lifeline of any modern business. We can give you the capability to run with the best options in phone tech and equipment. Candour Communications stands ready to take your business into the NBN-ready future. Talk to us today if you want the details on these options.

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