Avaya Phone System

Avaya IP Office

Avaya - "Fantastic value for money" One of the world's best, and most awarded telephone systems.

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Alcatel Phone Systems Also known as the OXO phone system, it is designed for 2 to 196 users.

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Hosted PBX

The All-in-One Business phone system with advanced features and low operating costs. Perfect for NBN

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lg ipecs emg80

LG Ericcson

The LG Ericsson iPECS eMG80 phone system is an affordable system with a great array of features and flexibility.

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Why Us

What We Can Guarantee

Best Pricing

A big part of the Candour mission is to provide best prices for a wide range of phone services and equipment. Our pricing can help you save on cost and enhance your equipment.

On-Site Consultation

We make sure that you get all the specs right. The only way to do it is by intensive on-site visits from our system experts. Our experts are highly experienced operations specialists.

Custom-Fit Install

We add another extra mile by making sure your phone system installation is customised to fit all your operational needs. Further care is an added feature of our customer service program.

Operational Training

To further assure you will be operating at full potential at all times, we give your company personnel training in phone ops. Training like this is best practise for reliable phone companies.


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