Can My Phone System Work With NBN?

How to connect your existing phone system to the NBN?

So, the NBN is being installed into your area and Telcos are sending you baffling information about what to do. The above question is probably something you ask yourself frequently.

Some (most) telcos will say that you need to change your telephone system as yours is not compatible with the NBN. This is not true!  Some (most) will say that you must connect up to the NBN now because your telephone lines are going to be cut off immediately. This is not true!

The people that tell you this are simply trying to make a sale. They do not care what they sell you and it will generally be someting that does not suit your business requirements. We are sick of these guys trying to force businesses into spending money on something that they do not necessarily need. So we are here to set things straight!

Question: Can I use my old system with the NBN?

Answer: Yes! The NBN requires you to use Voice over IP or VoIP. Your system does not need to be a VoIP system or VoIP capability. Being technical (and not just sales people) we can implement VoIP converters that make VoIP lines behave exactly like standard telephone lines. So, nothing needs to change on your telephone system.

Question: I have a relatively new phone system. Can that do VoIP?

Answer: Quite possibly. We can assess your existing telephone system and seen if that can connect directly with the NBN. Some systems require additional hardware and some systems require manufacturer licenses. We can determine exactly what is required and provide that solution for you. 

Question: Will my telephone numbers need to change?

Answer: No, you will keep your existing phone numbers. There are certain advantages of VoIP over standard lines. You can have all outbound calls show your advertised number and call forwarding your lines can be done remotely via a web page.

Question: Do I need to move to the NBN immediately?

Answer: No, there is a cut-off time of 18 months. No doubt other sales guys will say it will be cut-off anytime soon but they are not being honest.