Do you need phone lines in a hurry? We can get the job done!

Fast, Efficient Installs of Phone Lines

Phone lines will be an issue if you are relocating your office or opening a new one.

Can you not get your phone lines connected due to cabling or network demarcation across Christmas and New Year?

Candour Communications has a solution for you. We have developed the Enhanced Voice Gateway which allows us to set up lines within a day. And so, you do not need any other service in place for us to get this up and running.

Our services and products are perfect for the times when you are relocating your office and cannot get a usable phone and internet connection immediately. Our Enhanced Voice Gateway can cater from 3 to 30 lines with an amazingly fast set up.

With our installation you can also save money because it is more affordable than standard telephone line set ups. We have also field tested our service processes and products extensively. That is why you are assured crystal clear reception, reliable uptime and a way to get your business communications going right from the start.

If you need help getting set up with your office communications, call us now on 1300 651 350 or contact us here…

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