Did you know NBN is available in Doncaster Victoria

Accurate advice on NBN and business phone systems from local experts in the Doncaster area

NBN is now available in Doncaster and Doncaster East Victoria. (About time, we can hear you say in relief.) What you should need is good NBN advise from specialists who operate in and therefore know the locality.

We supply reliable, flexible, effective and affordable internet services and office phone systems that is based on 30 years of hands on experience in most if not all aspects of the telecom and internet industries.

If you need NBN at your business and you are confused as to what you need (i.e. A sales rep tells you that you need a new telephone system, but you aren’t sure or don’t want to let go of your existing system.) then give us a call at Candour for great, advise wise to your local business needs.

There are so many ways to make the NBN work for your business. You will most likely be inundated with people saying that you need to replace your telephone system because of the NBN. Well, this is not always true.

Sales people are just out to make a sale. They are not very technical and are just out to sell something (anything!). At Candour Communications, we are predominately tech heads. And so, we want to ensure you get what you need. We are all about are about getting the right solution for you.

Doncaster Victoria businesses have access to the latest NBN ready phones from Candour Communications
nbn ready business phones and systems

We are just down the road. Why not give us a call on 1300 651350. We are your trusted Business Telecommunication Experts.

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