Mobile Plans

Information about the service

Here’s a quick summary of the important bits about your mobile broadband plans. It covers things like the inclusions and how much you need to pay each month. Your plan is for a post-paid mobile phone service. It gives you access to our network, and access to mobile data.

What’s Included and Excluded?

Your unused monthly included value expires each month. Your monthly included value can be used to access mobile internet. This service can’t be used for making calls or sending SMS to local or international numbers. Your monthly included value can’t be used when travelling overseas.

Information about Pricing

Your monthly charges and inclusions are metered and billed from the 28 to 27 of each month. Any plan upgrades made on days other than the 27th of any month will be fully charged on the day of the change (current month) and also on 28th (month to advance).

Early Termination

There is no early termination fee (ETF) and this service can be cancelled at any time. If you do decide to cancel the service at any time the amount owing for the service will be the cost of the charges incurred up until the time of cancellation of the service.