How does a Cloud Phone System Work?

First of all, a cloud-based phone system is a phone system that runs through the Internet, rather than on traditional telephone lines. This is why cloud-based phone systems are also known as Internet-based phone systems or as “VoIP” (Voice Over Internet Protocol). 

Also, cloud-based system routes all phone calls through a simple Internet connection. This allows any business to avoid the expensive hardware, infrastructure and consistent maintenance that is needed for a traditional telephone line phone system. 

Pros and Cons 

The main advantages that a cloud-based phone system has over traditional phone systems are:


  • Only need a broadband Internet connection to start making calls for your business.
  • Usually results to cheaper phone bills.
  • VoIP doesn’t require expensive hardware as mentioned earlier.
  • Cloud-based phone systems are portable and accessible through mobile applications on smart phones.


  • There are some upfront costs in getting the proper equipment setup. However, these costs are quite small compared to the money that your business will start saving.
  • Your broadband connection affects that quality of your phone calls. If your Internet connection is currently somewhat shaky, your call quality could be bad or may drop a lot of calls. We can certainly assist you with Internet Connection.
  • These systems are quite simple and intuitive and shouldn’t take too much time for you and your co-workers to learn.

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