Cloud Phone System

So what is a cloud based phone system (also known as a Hosted Telephone System)?

Firstly, it is a phone service delivered through the Internet. Other terms include “Internet based phone system” or more commonly “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP). Both of these terms refer to a group of phones that work together, especially in a business setting, to route calls using an Internet connection. 

With a traditional telephone system (which we also supply and service) there is a box on the wall that is called the Main Equipment. This Main Equipment terminates the phone lines and connects to all the telephone extensions. It then connects a line to your handset when you want to make an outbound call or rings your handset when there is an incoming call. It may have other features such as voicemail etc.

With a Hosted Telephone System this Main Equipment is in the cloud, meaning it is actually in a data centre somewhere. Or, in our case, spread across several, geographical diverse data centres for redundancy and piece of mind (you need to look for this with hosted phone systems).

So your telephones connect to your data network which then allows them to talk to the cloud based telephone system. This gives you all the features of an up market telephone system but at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, most providers will try to run this system across come very dodgy Internet connections which results in bad voice quality. We at Candour Communications have developed and thoroughly tested alternative Voice communication methods for cloud based phone systems so that, even if you do not have reliable Internet connectivity we can still provide you with a high grade voice service.

Finally, we don’t just sell hosted telephone services, we use them. Below is an example of how our office communications work. If we need to work from home, no problem. We can still answer and make calls as if in the office.

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How does a Cloud Phone System work?