Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office Phone System – “Fantastic value for money”


One of the world’s best, and most awarded telephone systems.

Candour Communications is about finding the best phone solution for small to medium businesses.

We have put the Avaya IP Office telephone system through its paces and honestly believe it to be the best value for money in the market.

The Avaya IPO is extremely scalable so it can cater for a small business with 2 to 6 handsets and grow to over 300 handsets.

The Avaya IP Office telephone system is extremely reliable, and has a vast range of standard & add-on features that provide flexibility and help increase productivity.

Standard features included in the Avaya IP Office include:


One Main Equipment
Modular design provides scalable and flexible infrastructure that caters for from 2 to 384 Extensions…. There is no need to change main central unit as the company grows.

User and Group Announcements
Play a welcome courtesy message stating that all agents are busy and will be with you shortly, then the caller is placed on hold hearing company music and/or corporate messages.

Every user gets a Voicemail with up to 15 hours storage, including personal breakout options (i.e. press *2 to call my mobile phone).

Automated Attendant
Personalised key press options, please press one for sales, two for accounts, etc…

Push Voice mail to Email
Get your messages on your SMART phone such as IPhone and Blackberries

Hot Desking
Any user can log onto any handset keeping their user profile (extension number & button layout).

Multi Adhoc Conferences
Connect multiple internal and external people together (2 x conference calls with up to 64 participants).

Multiple Music on Hold
Up to 4 different MOH sources.

Basic Call Center
Set up multiple queues and agents

Click to Call
Built in TAPI 1st party so you can dial from your contacts in Outlook

Headset Connections
Electronic Hook switches so there is no need for mechanical lifters (applies to compatible headsets)

Phone Manager Lite
PC software integrated with telephone offers computer telephony integration allowing up to 15 busy lamp indications to see whether other staff are available

IP Office offers a traditional key system dual LED handset layout (simple to use and easy to train new staff), digital and IP phones with same fixed button

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