ADSL+ Broadband for Business

Business Grade Reliability on Australia’s Biggest Network

At present, so many changes in the telecom and broadband industries have created confusion in terms of availability, and it has affected many users and potential users of ADSL+ broadband. Best to check with providers if it is available, and if you ask us, there still is.  The expense and wastage of pulling out copper wires is being studied closely for NBN’s Multi Technology Mix model, so in many parts of Australia, there still is reliable digital connections using the older cable network.

  • Australia’s biggest ADSL2+ network
  • Static IP address for networking
  • Core network Availability of 9.6% Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • FREE upgrade to higher plan anytime
  • Pre-configured Modem/Router
  • Australia based technical support team
  • 10 email addresses
  • Monitor your data usage online

SLAs with guarantees and rebates

We’re confident of delivering Business Grade performance that won’t let you down, but if for some reason we don’t live up to it, we put money back into your pocket. Guaranteed.

Choose how much data you want

Just select how much data you need over a month dependent on how often you use the internet and how much data you download. Covering the basics is enough for some, but more data availability is doable and workable for any ADSL connection. In fact, it was built to handle more date for consumers.

A network with stability & service

Our network has been designed specifically for businesses. Our Australian based Helpdesk support team are all engineers in their own right so should you ever have questions about Internet services like ADSL+ broadband, they will be able to help quickly and knowledgeably