Video Conferencing has entered into a new world

Up until now, Video Conferencing was for the big corporates with dedicated conference rooms and huge budgets.

Candour Communications now has the best Video Conference solution for Small to Medium Businesses.

Imagine this:

  • The ability to video conference with your staff where ever they their desk, in a motel or at the airport.
  • The ability to have a video conference session with your customers or suppliers, wherever they are and without them requiring to have any special equipment other than a PC, an iPad/tablet or simply using their mobile phone.
  • The ability to share your applications on your PC so you can discuss your spreadsheets, slide shows, accounting figures with whoever you want, where ever they are.


The Avaya XT5000 Video Conference system is one of the most advanced video systems on the market. This solution allows end users to conference in to the office board room using their desktop or laptop PCs, or even their mobile devices such as iPads.

Scopia XT Room System SMB Edition Highlights:

HD Video Conferencing Room System The Scopia XT5000 is the most advanced video system available in its class with dual 1080p/60fps live video and content, H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC). While the Scopia XT1200 delivers the perfect blend of value and a high quality experience with dual 1080p/30fps live video and content.

Embedded Multi-party Conferencing Embedded multi-party conferencing in Scopia XT room systems provide the highest capacity internal MCUs in the market today with support for up to 4 or 9 participants. HD continuous presence meetings with multiple participants are now more affordable than ever.

BYOD Mobile Video Conferencing
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and join a room system video meeting with Scopia Mobile, available for free download. Scopia Mobile delivers HD video conferencing nearly anywhere someone goes with their mobile device.

Desktop Video Conferencing
Scopia Desktop for the PC and Mac fully extends the room system video conferencing experience to remote and desktop users. Scopia Desktop is a simple web browser plug-in that is centrally managed, distributed and deployed without complex licensing fees or installation issues.

Access from Anywhere
Scopia Desktop and Mobile are optimized for high performance on the Internet with Radvision’s NetSense bandwidth estimation and adaptation technology for high quality over unmanaged networks. Integrated automatic firewall traversal enables enterprise connectivity while maintaining corporate security.



Desktop Video Conferencing

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