VoIP Lines


  • Monthly Access Fee: $12
  • Montly DID Cost (per line): $1
  • Fax to Email (Optional): $9
  • Calls to Others on our Network: FREE
  • Local Calls: 11c per call
  • National Calls: 11c per call
  • Calls To Mobiles: 22c per min
  • Calls to 1300 Numbers: 30c per call
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ADSL2+ Business Broadband
ADSL2+ Business Unlimited

ADSL2+ Business Broadband -  Unlimited

◾Monthly Fee:  $130
◾Included Data Cost/MB: N/A
◾Excess Data: N/A

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SHDSL Business Broadband
SHDSL Business Broadband  - 10Mb Standard

SHDSL Business Broadband - 10Mb Standard

  • Speed: 10Mb/10Mb
  • Plan: SHDSL Standard (1:1)
  • Monthly Fee: $1,480
  • Installation Fee: $960
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Ethernet Business Broadband
Ethernet Business Broadband 100Mb

Ethernet Business Broadband 100Mb

  • Speed: 100Mb / 100Mb
  • Monthly: $1,850.00
  • Installation Fee: FREE
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NBN Internet
Plans and Pricing

Minimum of 12 Months Term with Unlimited Data


(Maximum Achievable Speed, Download/Upload in Mbps)

Monthly Fee

25.5 $90
25.10 $95
50 $100
100* $110

Prices inclusive of GST.

Note: Not all speeds listed are achievable at all locations. Even if you choose a higher speed tier, your NBN service can never go faster than the maximum line speed available at your premises. This is particularly relevant to those customers who will be connected by Fibre to the Node (FTTN) or Fibre to the Building (FTTB).
For FTTB and FTTN customers, we can’t confirm your maximum line speed until your service is installed and activated on the NBN network. If your NBN connection doesn’t allow you to properly benefit from the speed tier you’re on, we’ll provide you with your maximum line speed, once it’s available, along with alternative options.

*Not currently available on fixed wireless.

Please view brochure in detail to explain further.

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